Full Circle White

Full Circle Double White Vinyl


Maya Jane Coles has announced a brand new fifteen-track album, 'Full Circle' under her Nocturnal Sunshine alias due out on November 1st.

Vinyl 1 Side 1:

Wildfire (feat. Catnapp)
Gravity (feat. RY X)
Possessed (feat. Peaches)

Vinyl 1 Side 2:

Pull Up (feat. Gangsta Boo & Young M.A)
I'm Ready
Ridin' Solo (feat. Gangsta Boo)
Lessons Of Life
Dash (feat. CHA$EY JON£S)

Vinyl 2 Side 1:

To The Ground
Fuck Fame (feat. CHA$EY JON£S)

Vinyl 2 Side 2:

Tied Up
Closed Eyes (feat. Thomas Knights)
Something About The Drama (feat. Chelou)

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